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dB Integrations is proud to partner with Fair-Play, a worldwide leader in sports display technology, as their exclusive provider in the Southeast. The addition of Fair-Play to the dB arsenal of stadium technology will enable us to install solutions that maximize fan engagement and immersion. While you may not be familiar with the Fair-Play brand, anyone who has attended a sporting event in the last 80 years has experienced one of their many innovations.

Fair-Play's Storied Past

Fans today are accustomed to live sporting events being an immersive experience. Booming sound, synchronized to flashing lights and on-screen exhortations for the crowd to “MAKE SOME NOISE!” are common in professional, collegiate, and even high school stadiums and arenas. It would be understandable for 21st century fans to assume that this has always been the case, but much of what we now consider common is due to the ingenuity of Elmer Foster.

Foster, an Iowa physics teacher, frustratedly walked home after a hotly contested basketball game in 1934. The two timekeepers, each with a stopwatch, argued over whether the final shot had been released before or after time had expired. “Fair play,” Foster thought, should determine the outcome of sporting events. This idea led Foster to construct the first sports time clock out of parts from a clockmaker and his wife’s sewing machine, an innovation which changed sports forever.

Beginning with that small scoreboard and clock, Foster founded Fair Play, a company that has been innovating in the field of sports displays for almost 90 years. These innovations have revolutionized not only the competitive balance of the sports, but fan experience and engagement as well. The familiar fan countdown at the end of the game — “5, 4, 3, 2, 1!” — was first heard in 1951 after a Fair Play scoreboard was installed at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA. Basketball players first looked skyward after a play in 1988, to watch a color instant replay on a Fair Play scoreboard installed above the court at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, WI. 

Today, Fair Play is recognized throughout the sports industry as the leader in digital display technology. In the spirit of Mr. Foster, Fair Play has continued to innovate; the LED displays that display time clocks, scores, replays, advertisements and encouragement for the fans to “GET LOUD” are a far cry from the small, tabletop machine that Foster built. However, they are built with the same core principles in mind: to engage and inform fans and to provide athletes with an outcome determined by “fair play.”


The combination of Fair-Play’s display technology and dB Integrations’ audio, control and lighting prowess provide the opportunity for unmatched fan engagement and experience at sporting events throughout the Southeast. From scoreboards to side tables, speakers to synchronized lighting, dB and Fair Play can work together to provide unmatched innovation, ease of use, and fan experience.

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