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When you choose dB to be your partner, we provide the highest quality audio services available in the industry. Our staff of experienced engineers and installation techs allow us to design, build and install even your most complex audio system. This combined with state of the art products assures you the most comprehensive and technologically superior system designed specifically for your environment.


Our team commits themselves to engineering and fulfilling the ultimate video system specifically aimed at achieving the look and feel you desire your viewers to experience. The products we offer are the utmost in quality and value for any type of video production whether your needs are projecting text or full Image Magnification (IMAG), broadcast, distributed video or digital signage.


The atmosphere of your space lives and breathes by the lighting. Lighting engages your audience, helps direct their attention and illuminates your subject to keep them in focus. You can elevate your venue from dim to dynamic with a lighting system designed and installed by dB Integrations. Our team works with clients to find the perfect balance to fit your needs and goals.


By automating all of your complex AV systems, window treatment and lighting, dB can simplify all those tasks with the touch of a button. A central control system allows you to focus on your audience instead of complicated technology. This both enhances the ease of operation of your venue and maximizes the effectiveness of your presentation.

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Additional services available from other divisions of dBASI
Covalent Design Consulting
Defining the scope and direction of your technology needs is an important first step in accomplishing your goals. Our design consultants have decades of experience across a myriad of industries and are constantly vetting the latest technologies to help you determine the smartest and most impactful path for your space.
Every space has its own acoustic challenges. It’s our mission to define the limitations of your space and design the acoustic solution to maximize the room’s potential. Your enjoyment of your space is preeminent. That’s why we thoroughly map the acoustics and design acoustic materials and sound control to make the most of how you are going to utilize your space.

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