American Legion World Series Keeter Stadium

An audio solution that hits it out of the park
American Legion World Series
Shelby, NC
August 2018
American Legion World Series

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American Legion Baseball is a nationwide athletic league for high school-aged players, founded in 1925 and consisting of over 5,400 teams. Each season culminates in the World Series playoff games each summer at Veterans Field in Keeter Stadium in Shelby, North Carolina. The stadium is a mecca for baseball fans, drawing attendees from across the country.


The ALWS conducted a multi-year renovation of its baseball stadium that included greatly expanding the seating capacity. The client needed an audio system that would service all seats as well as other areas of the baseball park and American Legion facilities.
American Legion World Series



As the American Legion completed the expansion of the seating at Keeter Stadium, it became clear that the existing sound system could not serve all fans adequately. Some ticket-holders complained of sound that was too soft, while fans in other areas were bombarded with too much sound.

dB addressed the issue with a series of Danley OS Product speakers spread throughout the bleachers. Each speaker covers a relatively small area, resulting in smoother, more even distribution of sound.

“As you’re walking through the stands, you really can’t tell where the range of one speaker ends and the next one begins. It’s so smooth.

– Brenton Smith, Keeter Stadium visitor

The primary control for the audio system is through a Q-Sys platform located in the press box, from which the announcer’s mic or music can be distributed throughout the facility. In this distributed loudspeaker system, the main loudspeakers cover the stadium’s main seating bowl. Separate loudspeakers cover the following ancillary areas: a vendor area behind the third base dugout, concessions and parking behind the first base dugout, bullpen and staging areas for pregame presentations, the ticketing and main entrance concourse, and the Lowe’s VIP building.

But the park property is also home to the club facilities for the local American Legion post. The Lowe’s VIP Building sits near the first base line of the baseball field and has a large lounge that looks out on the field, two private rooms also overlooking the field, a kitchen, and a conference room. All these spaces employ a distributed audio system using ceiling speakers, which allows occupants to hear audio feed from the stadium and control the volume separately in each room.


Keeter Stadium now sells over 120,000 tickets for the World Series tournament, and its stellar audio system allows fans to hear every play call, from behind home plate, to the concession booth, to the VIP seats in the Lowes Building.
“In all the years I’ve been doing sound for the World Series and other events, I’ve always had complaints about, it’s either too loud, it’s too soft, I can’t hear. This year, for the first time, I had no complaints.

– David Grose, Technical Director

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