Tabernacle of Praise

Energy-efficient lighting for energetic worship
McDonough, GA
July 2015
Tabernacle of Praise

Our Solution Story

When dB Integrations met with the leadership to discuss the Lighting upgrade for Tabernacle of Praise the goal was to improve the lighting for web streaming by providing a larger wash of better lighting and also reduce the heat on the stage area that was created by incandescent lighting. The second part was to have a lighting system for high-energy praise and worship, to create a unique experience for the worshipper.


The existing system consisted of 24 ellipsoidal fixtures which were truss mounted at the ceiling in front of the stage. While keeping the same position, the incandescent fixtures were replaced with 14 LED ellipsoidal fixtures which served as the front key lighting.

Tabernacle of Praise



A completely new lighting configuration was designed to provide stage wash, key lighting for the choir, and back lighting from a 26’ by 24’ truss structure that was flown above the stage. The design included a combination of Moving fixtures, LED par cans, and LED Ellipsoidal fixtures which create a very flexible and dynamic system for any type of event that would be hosted at the church.

By replacing all incandescent fixtures with LED the heat on the stage was drastically reduced so much that a comment was made after the first service by one of the choir members exclaiming, “thank you for installing the new air conditioner on stage.” According to church staff the new lighting system is a welcomed change, “What dB Integrations designed and installed for us, it’s a game changer. The new lighting system has had a major impact on how we worship here. We are truly blessed.”

Team Leads

David Clark
David Clark

Operations Manager

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Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson

Audio Engineer · CTS certification

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