Hillvue Heights Baptist Church

Enhanced worship for those near and far
Bowling Green, KY
October 2016
Video · Lighting
Hillvue Baptist

Our Solution Story

Hillvue Heights Baptist Church of Bowling Green, Kentucky, approached this project with a clear direction and specific goals. The church wanted the ability to provide high-quality HD video presentations and expand the existing lighting system, in order to enhance the experience of those attending services as well as webcast viewers visiting the church’s website.

Video + Lighting

Hillvue Heights hired dB as the design consultant for the entire project and tasked us with developing a comprehensive design and bid specifications for systems that would accomplish their goals.




The design for the HD video system considered production room workflow, user-friendly equipment, and flexibility for future expansion. The camera system includes two studio-configured manned cameras and three pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) robotic cameras, all of which could be positioned at multiple locations around the worship center, with those positions designated by the customer during the design process. We equipped the production room with a two-ME switcher, robotic camera controller, CCU controls for manned cameras, graphics station, and producer station. The workflow was designed so that the system could be controlled by a full team of four operators or as few as two operators if necessary.




Hillvue Heights had two primary areas of concern for its lighting system. The first was to provide full color wash for the stage through LED fixtures. The second was to improve and expand the key lighting used during worship sets as well as teaching presentations. The existing system included a full complement of ellipsoidal fixtures with Jells dedicated to stage wash application. dB Integrations repurposed all of these fixtures and the existing light truss to expand the coverage of key lighting. We installed five new sections of lighting truss above the stage for the addition of 40 new LED color wash fixtures, ellipsoidal fixtures for back lighting and key lighting, and several LED movers. Four of the truss positions over the stage were equipped with motorized controls to allow the truss to be lowered for maintenance and for set design changes. A total of eight truss positions were designed to provide broadcast-level key lighting for the majority of the main seating area to accommodate camera acquisition of a presenter from any position in the room.

Team Leads

Ronnie Stanford
Ronnie Stanford

Director of Sales and Marketing

John Hogg
John Hogg

Sales Consultant

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David Clark
David Clark

Operations Manager

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Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson

Audio Engineer · CTS certification

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