City of Auburn

City park turned festival mecca
Auburn, GA
June 2017

Our Solution Story

Auburn, a thriving town northeast of metro Atlanta, enjoys festivals, concerts and community life in its traditional city-center greenspace. These events were sometimes underserved by the existing portable public address system, and the city undertook a project to outfit the space for better coverage, clarity and intelligibility. Jason Block of dB Integrations recommended a permanent multi-zone PA, designed to answer three specific applications while maintaining flexibility to meet future needs.


At the heart of the new system, a touchscreen interface combines ease of use with complete control over the essential functions of the PA. dB selected QSC signal processing and power amps for their sonic integrity and networking flexibility, and the City of Auburn will have a clear path for future expansion, ensuring the current investment pays dividends for years to come. The city staff are looking forward to sharing the benefits of the new system with Auburn residents this fall, breathing new life into the heart of the community.


The first zone covers Auburn’s main event stage with a Danley speaker array to provide concert fidelity for the entire square. The second zone provides localized background music to enhance the outdoor retail experience at the Whistlestop Shops near City Hall, also employing Danley speakers. The third zone encompasses the side of the City Hall building itself, a frequent choice for family movie nights and smaller stage events, and includes a smaller JBL system with an optional subwoofer.

Team Leads

Victor Puddy
Victor Puddy

Chief Engineer · CTS certification

Jason Block
Jason Block

Sales Consultant

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David Clark
David Clark

Operations Manager

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