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July 2018
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Big South Conference Studio

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The Big South Conference is a collegiate athletic conference in the NCAA’s Division I. Founded in 1983 and anchored in the South Atlantic region of the U.S., the conference has expanded over the years to 14 schools and now includes FCS football. The Big South Network broadcasts live streams of BSC games as well as original content.

Audio + Video + Lighting

The Big South Conference planned to renovate and expand its league office in Charlotte, with the goal of adding a broadcast studio to its headquarters. Within a limited space and budget, BSC wished to establish a multi-suite studio with the capabilities of producing consistently high-quality original content in-house.
Big South Conference Studio






dB Integrations was hired as project lead to design broadcast-quality AVL systems (audio, cameras, lighting, graphics, control) and overall layout for a three-suite studio as well as an infrastructure compatible with future growth. Our design services included producing all construction specs and documents for all trades involved, from electrical engineer to general contractor. Upon conclusion of the design phase, dB was contracted to install the systems as well.

We partnered with set designers Artes LLC to design a custom set that would highlight the BSC brand while being adaptable to the brands of member schools as well. The centerpiece is a large flat-screen TV on which graphics can be changed with the push of a button, enabling dynamic content for every program. The design includes a main branded media wall with detachable wing walls for wide and panned shots, custom metal laminates, and integrated internal LED lighting.

In addition to the main set, the studio includes a green screen set and a smaller one-on-one interview set. dB Integrations designed lighting systems for each set, accommodating the specific needs for green-screen production as well as other parameters such as low ceilings, which required specialty lighting fixtures from Primetime Lighting. Accent lighting settings for the main set are attuned to the specific team colors of the 14 member schools.

The technology design incorporated the use of studio-configured Panasonic cameras, HDSDI (with future compatibility for 4K), and a teleprompter. The room is wired for multiple camera drops, enabling flexibility for future production needs.

Everything is managed from a small studio control room that can be run by 1-2 technicians. dB’s system is currently configured to work with a portable Tricaster system already owned by the network, but we designed a robust infrastructure to allow for a permanently installed mixing/graphics system in a later phase. All inputs are directed to one plate in the wall of the control room; the mixer can simply plug in to it, minimizing the work involved when returning to the studio from a remote assignment.

In the words of dB Sales Consultant John Hogg, “Through our collaboration with the Big South team, the set design team and other technical trades, we were able to deliver a broadcast studio that we are proud of. This studio will help make the Big South Network a leading voice in college sports today and for years to come.  We are honored that the Big South Network entrusted this important project to us at dB Integrations.”


The Big South Network began shooting in its studio in mid-July 2018. It can now produce game-day previews, talking-head interviews, trailers, breaking news announcements, and intimate one-on-one interviews. The network can also provide studio facilities for member schools to create video content that will match the quality of the conference brand. This ability to broadcast high-quality original content will elevate the Big South Conference’s media presence within the NCAA.

Team Leads

John Hogg
John Hogg

Sales Consultant

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Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson

Audio Engineer · CTS certification

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