Wesleyan School Athletic Fields

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Peachtree Corners, GA


March 2017



Wesleyan School Athletic Fields

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Wesleyan School is a private K-12 school with nearly 1,200 students located in Peachtree Corners, Georgia. Wesleyan’s extensive athletics program includes over 50 competitive teams of students in grades 7-12.


Wesleyan needed sound systems for both its baseball and lacrosse fields. Clear parameters regarding sound coverage and sound bleed necessitated two customized solutions, which dB Integrations was happy to provide.

Wesleyan School Athletic Fields



dB was contracted to design sound systems for the baseball stadium and lacrosse field. The two arenas have very different environments and circumstances. The lacrosse field has a large practice field adjacent to it, and Wesleyan desired an system powerful enough to cover this space as well as the lacrosse field, but also with directional control to avoid sound bleeding to nearby private property. The Gaebelein Baseball Field, on the other hand, is close to both an academic building and the football stadium, and sound from the field must be contained so as not to disrupt other campus activities.

dB’s audio engineers developed a plan to fit within these parameters and produce excellent sound in a manner appropriate to the two distinct environments. For the lacrosse field, dB installed two Danley Sound Labs OS-80 speakers on the field house. These two speakers alone provide comprehensive sound coverage to spectators on the sidelines and players on the field, while while also distributing clear audio across the adjacent practice field, covering a distance of 400 feet. This system is also flexible enough to be easily adapted and expanded as new features and facilities are added to this area of the campus.

The baseball stadium’s position near multiple other facilities required a solution employing carefully targeted audio. dB selected Danley’s OS-80 series for its weatherproof durability, power and clarity, and directionality. A simple but elegant solution of one speaker mounted along the first and third base lines provides complete, high-fidelity audio coverage of the stands and the field without bleeding sound to the area beyond.

Both audio systems are controlled from their respective control booths. The lacrosse field’s system employs an Allen & Heath Qu-Pac digital mixer, which can be managed remotely with an iPad, to allow staff to control volume and distribution of sound. The baseball stadium’s sound is controlled with a simple analog line mixer.

dB Integrations provided training to Wesleyan staff on how best to operate the system. In keeping with the client’s educational mission, the system’s controls are designed to allow the AV technology team to train coaches, volunteers, and students to use the equipment with faculty supervision.



Wesleyan’s athletics department is now empowered to offer its student-athletes and their fans a top-notch game experience without disturbing nearby academic endeavors. The Wesleyan School can continue to burnish its reputation as an elite academic institution with stellar athletics programs.

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