UVA Davenport Baseball Field

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July 2013

Our Solution Story

As the University of Virginia began to consider options for a new audio system at Davenport Baseball Field, dB Integrations was contacted to provide consultation services as well as full system integration. The two primary needs for the system were to provide better coverage of the bleachers around the infield as well as the outfield bleachers around the scoreboard and behind the fence in left field.


The school was initially concerned over the ability to cover the infield bleachers with a single loudspeaker from the scoreboard then quickly realized that the system has more than enough power after neighboring homes and businesses complained about the volume during an evening practice.

University of Virginia Davenport Baseball Field



The solution for the infield was a single SH96HO from Danley Sound Labs. Even though the existing distributed loudspeakers were left in place, we were able to provide even, high-energy, full-range audio for all bleachers from third base to first base with the SH96 installed at the scoreboard behind the right-center field fence. The outfield bleachers were covered using OS80’s from Danley Sound Labs. We were also able to provide low frequency extension for the stadium by installing two TH118 subwoofers from Danley Sound Labs in the scoreboard. The final set up and system design far exceeded the expectations of the school and they continue to enjoy high fidelity audio at all home games at Davenport Baseball Field.

Team Leads

David Clark
David Clark

Operations Manager

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Victor Puddy
Victor Puddy

Chief Engineer · CTS certification

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