The Mill on Etowah

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Canton, GA


Spring 2020


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Our Solution Story

The Mill on Etowah is an adaptive re-use development near downtown Canton, Georgia, reinventing a 1900 denim factory as a 21st-century shopping district on the bank of the Etowah River. The mixed-use project in north Georgia’s Cherokee County opened in mid-2020 with a brewery, shops, co-working space, and an entertainment venue featuring audio, video, and control systems by dB Integrations and its partners.

Project Overview


A central feature of the Mill on Etowah is a public green space with a stage, intended to host intimate concerts, family movie nights, and more. Developer Penn Hodge Properties contracted first with dB partner Watchfire Signs for the design and manufacture of an LED display wall. While contracted originally as the authorized dealer of Watchfire products, dB Integrations was soon hired to design and install all audio and control and the front end of the video system.




Having worked with several such public green space venues, dB’s engineers were well-prepared to deliver the right audio solution for The Mill on Etowah. The primary goal was of course to deliver crystal clear sound to everyone on the lawn, approximately 120 ft deep and 60 ft wide. Additionally, a reasonable amount of sound should reach beyond the lawn to surrounding sidewalks and patios, to be inviting to patrons of the development’s shops and restaurants without bombarding them with excess sound.

Danley Sound Labs’ OS-80 series speakers are designed for outdoor environments and easily disperse high quality sound over the entire greenspace. While these are typically paired with OS-115 subwoofers, the client requested something with a bit more punch. Danley’s TH-mini115 subwoofers offer a more extended low frequency while still being compact in size. The resulting speaker set-up can accommodate a wider range of entertainment events, from acoustic concerts and movies to full bands.



The LED wall features a 9ft-by-16ft viewable area with 8 mil pitch and can display feature films as well as concert graphics for the audience on the lawn. Manufactured by Watchfire Signs, the display is fully integrated with dB’s audio and control system.



All audio and video components are controlled from a single rack in a nearby closet. A Kramer video switcher can direct content to the LED display from multiple sources, including computer and cable TV receiver. An HDMI input on the stage allows performing artists to connect their own video content to the Mill on Etowah’s system. 

An audio plate on the stage empowers performers to plug and adjust outputs from their own gear (mixers, mics, amplifiers) into the house system without undoing the internal settings. A PA system from QSC features a multi-channel processor and allows for remote control of volume and source selection via a smartphone app.



The Mill at Etowah’s public stage now hosts a variety of public events every week, drawing in local residents as well as visitors to the development’s retail outlets. The integrated technology system by dB is an essential part of the greenspace’s functionality and appeal.

Team Leads

Jason Block
Jason Block

Sales Consultant

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Victor Puddy
Victor Puddy

Chief Engineer · CTS certification

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Jeremy Clark
Jeremy Clark

Project Manager

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