Deltona Alliance Church

Equipping a cathedral with a modern look

Deltona Alliance Church


Detona, FL


September 2020


Lighting · Video Presentation

Deltona Alliance Church Florida DB upgrade image

Our Solution Story

Deltona Alliance Church in Deltona, Florida, was looking for a way to improve the visual presentation of their sanctuary for live-streaming. After researching ways to improve lighting on their own, Deltona contacted dB Integrations for help in creating a visual backdrop that would reflect their in-person environment. dB representatives collaborated with Deltona Alliance on a design/build solution; by building a model of the sanctuary in a CAD model, dB was able to show exactly how the room would look and how the lighting would affect the room physically and on camera.

Lighting + Video Presentation

By installing a new lighting system, including backlighting and uplighting, dB was able to create a tasteful and creative backdrop for the stage. The lighting accentuated the existing architecture of the building, specifically the organ chambers, to create a visually interesting canvas from which the speaker could pop out. Additionally, dB installed dual projectors to power the screens on either side of the stage, allowing in-person congregants to clearly see the visuals during the service.

Deltona Alliance Church Florida DB upgrade image

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