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August 2019


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Our Solution Story

Buford Performing Arts Center is a multipurpose event space on the campus of Buford High School. The high school is new construction and the Performing Arts Center is used by a range of high school student groups. Architects with Breaux & Associates first hired dB Integrations to design an audio system in 2016, and they later recommended dB for the installation.




Buford Performing Arts Center launched a multi-year project to install a high-quality audio system that could accommodate various functions:  classroom, drama, choir, band, and dance performance needs. This multipurpose functionality was a key element of the project for Fine Arts Director Chris Fowler: “We came into this space thinking about everything that might be possible not just now, but 20 years from now, where students who sing, dance, act could come in and not be limited by faulty technology.” The school district partnered with dB Integrations to create, construct and complete a design with future expansion of the system in mind.



The dB Integrations design process included acoustic modeling to determine the best audio system. The Danley sound system features a pair of SH-96 speakers with SH-95 down-fills to cover the first few rows of seats and Q-Sys core amplifiers for sound management.  A diverse array of sound equipment covers the needs of Buford’s various performing groups. The 28 wireless microphones include specialized mics for drum sets and choir, lavalier and handheld mics for drama, and recording mics that can be hung in a room to record ambient noise. 

The audio system features several CD and Bluetooth playback units and floor pockets on stage with power outlets, inputs for mics and instruments, as well as outputs for monitors. A new Clear-Com system for drama gives stage managers the ability to communicate with various locations (lighting, spotlight, camera positions, and dressing rooms) through a wired and wireless system.  The D-Live C-class mixing console mixes sound for multiple destinations and is mainly used for live performances but can also be used in the future to mix audio for video. Keeping accessibility in mind, dB’s system includes 16 listening systems for the hearing impaired. 



A major feature of the video system is a custom, 30-foot-wide projection screen that fits into the existing batten system, allowing movement during shows without interrupting the performance. An M-Vision Laser 18K projector by Digital Projection features 18,000 lumens, Bluray connection, and IMAG (image magnification) capabilities. Presenters can use HDMI inputs on-stage and in-house to share content.

Stage managers can get a camera feed and see what’s happening on stage through TVs at the stage manager post. Actors and backstage crew can also get a video and audio feed of the stage distributed to a TV in each dressing room.

We came into this space thinking about everything that might be possible not just now, but 20 years from now, where students who sing, dance, act could come in and not be limited by faulty technology.

Chris Fowler

Buford HS fine arts director

live streaming

Live Streaming

A point-of-view (POV) camera providing an overview of the stage is connected to the in-house network and can show screens or video feeds around the lobby and throughout the school. Three of the six TVs in the lobby are near the ticket window for digital signage use.

Planning for future growth, dB prewired the facility to accommodate future camera locations and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera installations. When it became necessary to pivot and livestream performances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dB installed PTZ cameras and a DataVideo system so the show could go on.




A Kramer SL-12 master room controller installed at the front of house area allows feed selection and on/off controls. dB Integrations selected a Brightsign player to manage the digital signage. Touchscreens control the system to power on/off or select specific systems (such as mics only) instead of the full system.

While the dB Integrations team tuned the room and optimized speakers as part of the installation process, the system is designed so that school staff and even students can run the systems, which allow for multiple users with different levels of access. 



“It’s the forward-thinking of dB Integrations that helped us to see what was possible,” says Fowler. The new high-quality system provides a state-of-the-art AV experience for both patrons and performers at the multipurpose Performing Arts Center. dB Integrations will continue to partner with Buford Performing Arts Center through extended training, returning to the school to train new students to run the user-friendly systems.

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