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Together we can help you shape a plan to grow your sports program and heighten fan and community engagement. Whether you need partial or 100% funding, our financing options offer flexible terms.

LED Scoreboards + Audio Systems


Stadiums · Arenas · Gymnasiums

Our experience designing audio, video, and LED scoreboard systems for sports venues helps bring the game to life for teams and fans alike.

Benefits of financing

Install Scoreboards and Sound Systems, and start generating revenue from their use months before the payments start
Simple application
Quick Credit Decisions
6 month deferred payments
Zero down payment
American Legion World Series

Step 1

Apply Online

Fill out an easy application with no obligations. Our finance company will notify you within 24 hours of applying with an approval and the terms.

NOTE: The initial credit check for financing is a soft inquiry and will not be reported to bureaus.  

Step 2


Once you know your approval value, dB integrations will work on your proposal and finalize your system according to your budget. You will then sign e-docs to process the loan. We will place your order and schedule the build-out according to your estimated completion date.

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